Company's Concept

Nature provides a plethora of pharmacologically active compounds but this richness is far to be optimally exploited. Plant extract drugs have a very complex and casually variable composition which impedes reproducible therapeutic effects. 

Some components of plant raw extracts can often provide different or opposite actions. Thus irritant components can annihilate the effect of anti-inflammatory substances.  Plant extract drugs are generally of low efficacy and contrary to popular beliefs, their use is not always free of side effects. 

Plant extracts contain usually 1-2% active substance/dry mass Accordingly the pure active ingredient can have up to 100fold higher specific activity than the extract drug. The isolated drug substance is applied in rigorously controlled doses providing reproducible therapy effects. These main advantages of a pure ingredient fully compensate the higher manufacturing costs.    

DoNatur is developing efficient anti-rheumatic products with novel active ingredients isolated from medicinal plants of the Danube region (Donau-Naturprodukte).